Welcome to PRESPEC Consulting Incorporated: Polymer Reaction Engineering SPECialsts. PRESPEC offers a range of PRE-related services, including consulting, co-ordination of research and development projects between industrial and university partners, as well as the organisation of intensive specialised short courses, seminars and training sessions.


7Our expertise lies mainly, but not exclusively, in the field of polymerisation in dispersed media. This includes high solid content emulsion polymers (above, an image of a bimodal, high solid content latex) and miniemulsions for coating and adhesive applications. In addition we have extensive experience in fundamental issues surrounding olefin polymerisation (right, the properties distribution of impact PP measured by AFM), particle growth, modelling and related issues.

While you are here, please have a look at the pages of the people who work with us. They have many interesting activities going on in addition to those that they share with PRESPEC.